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Meet Tar Heel Voices


    Lizzy just graduated and is an alto, and a registered vegetarian. She can typically be found writing a film-not-movie or cracking jokes that only she thinks are funny. She spends far too much time on social media and hates to admit that she actually kinda likes TikTok, and secretly really wants to go viral. Lizzy says that joining THV was the best decision she made in college; she is so thankful for all the love and support she receives from the group. 

    "We aren't lying when we say we're a family! I've never cried in front of a group of people more, and I cry at commercials. But I've never felt judged for who I am, who I love, or the fact that I'm vegetarian (which usually annoys a whole lotta people). I didn't get in my first semester but was encouraged by a member of the group to audition again, and when I got in it felt like I'd always been a part of the family! THV has been the most important part of my life these past three years, and I am so overjoyed to share that love with each and every new member that will join!"



Lizzy is super obsessed with enneagram numbers (she's a 2 FYI) and will probably type anyone within seconds of meeting them.


Lizzy CamPBELL



    Brooke majored in media and journalism with a minor in linguistics. Her goal is to work as a copy editor for a magazine like The New Yorker or Harper's Magazine. She loves to cook, she loves to party, and she loves to sing! 

    "When I auditioned for THV, I was looking for an outlet to continue making music in college. THV is a super talented group of people, and we make beautiful music together. But most importantly, I had no idea when I joined this group that I would be making 17 new best friends -- and I'm not just saying that! Being in THV has been the most meaningful part of my college experience, and I can't wait to spend my last year with this group."



"My grandma went skydiving with me on my 18th birthday!"



    Andrew majored in public policy with a minor in PPE. He's one of our tenors and a huge goofball and jokester. He served as Historian for the group, so he kept track of all the funny quotes members say and read them aloud at the end of the semester. He has loved his time in THV and looks forward to coming back to support!



Andrew is the first gentleman of THV and a finance intern with Jeff Jackson for his U.S. Senate campaign!


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Arjun majored in classics and minoring in PPE. He loves rock climbing, reading books of all kinds, and the dining halls. He is always at the Carrboro farmers market and he rides his bike everywhere.

    "I love THV because it's a genuinely supportive and caring group, and the beautiful music always makes me smile."



Arjun loves fruit and ate a kiwi backstage right before our quarterfinal performance AND our semifinal performance of ICCAs (like truly moments before we walked on stage he was just eating a kiwi, skin and all!) Maybe it was good luck!


reach out!


     Riley majored in computer science. She is interested in all things nerdy (Linux, virtual reality, comics, etc.), music (of course!), and spending time with friends and family. She is one of the sweetest and kindest members of the group and is known to pop in and bring people food and coffee when they're busy working! She is also a fantastic altoWe love Riley's joy and big heart and know that you will too!



"I'm double-jointed!" Wow!

current members


sarah beck

  Sarah is a senior double majoring in political science and Spanish with a minor in environmental justice. She loves THV because the group pushes her musically, and it has introduced her to some of her best friends (well, now family) at Carolina! She has been doing a cappella since high school and is no stranger to the competition world. She won us best choreography in 2022, alongside Nicholas, for her work on "Lights Up" in our ICCA set.



She LIVES for ICCAs and often calls it her favorite holiday.


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    Julia is a junior and is double majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Science. She is from Mooresville, NC and loves spending time with friends, playing pickleball, THV, ice cream, and mac n' cheese. Her favorite THV memory was last year's beach week trip because she got to grow closer to so many members. 



Julia won the intramural singles pickleball tournament her freshman year!


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dalia marquez-assistant music director

 Dalia is a junior and is majoring Psychology and Music. From Austin, Texas, she loves to arrange music, read, go on hikes, and travel! Her favorite foods birria tacos, pad thai from Twisted Noodles, ramen, and a nice, crisp pear. She is currently in the process of learning four other languages, and if she isn't in a THV rehearsal or in class, she's probably working at Sup Dogs. She loves how much she cry laughs in THV and how much joy she feels around the group. She truly considers THV as her second family, and how it's just a bonus she gets to do her favorite thing, making music, with them!



She is really good at Mario Kart.. and yes that is a challenge.


katie stevens- social chair & newb chair

    Katie is a junior considering studying environmental science, theatre, and music. Her favorite THV memory was when some of our members drove down to see her in Charlotte! She is so excited to be a part of THV next year and have a group of friends to sing with and rely on.



Katie has been off the grid on a backpacking trip all summer!




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Ben is a junior majoring in Environmental Science from Cary, NC. He loves running, volleyball, and playing guitar, and his favorite foods are burritos, wings, and biryani. His favorite THV memory is the scary drive to newb retreat because even though it was super windy, he loved talking with the people in his car and getting to know the newbs!



He thought Goombas were red until a year ago because he's colorblind.


graham grush

Graham is a junior from Hendersonville, NC majoring in Biochemistry.  He is all about burgers and will devour any other kind of meat. Graham is a huge sports fan and he goes to every football and basketball game he can! He also loves playing video games including Madden, 2K, and Fall Guys, along with any and all puns and dad jokes. Graham loves THV because we always have such a good time with each other even when things are stressful or difficult. His favorite THV memory was our fall concert being on stage performing with everyone because he loved getting to put all our hard work to use and just have a great time out there in front of all our families and friends.

FUN FACT: He wants the world to know that 8675309 is a prime number, and that he absolutely loves 70s music.


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Gelila Petros- treasurer

Gelila is a junior majoring in Biology! (She's a smarty) She is so excited to learn new music next year and meet our amazing newbs! Her favorite THV memory is going to ICCA'S last year and being able to perform our set that we worked so so hard on!


She has a growing collection of minion merchandise that began ironically but is now very un-ironic and she loves them all very much.


Franklin Kennedy- business manager

Franklin is from Durham, NC and is a sophomore majoring in Biology. He loves theater, baking, and screlting with friends in the car! His favorite THV memory was getting Que Chula with the group after recording our ICCA quarterfinals set because we were all able to relax, destress, and have a good time with each other!



He's been bitten by a lion!


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Nahum YAred- co-music director

Nahum is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Computer Science with a minor in Music. He is from Dallas, Texas and loves video games, mac n’ cheese, and watching (and performing) in live theatre. He loves THV because it has given him a place to grow his skills as a musician and performer while providing a great group of friends.



He's played hundreds of hours worth of Mario Kart games since getting a GameCube when he was 4 years old.



Leanna is a sophomore double majoring in Asian Studies, with a concentration in Chinese, and Studio Art. From Jacksonville, North Carolina, Leanna teaches viola through the Music Empowerment program, loves seafood, bubbles, and miniature versions of regular sized objects. She also loves game nights, hiking, and going to the park. Leanna loves the people in THV and her favorite memory is newb retreat, especially going to the Blue Ridge Parkway!


Her turtle ran away from her when she was in elementary school.


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HENRY fosnocht

Henry is a sophomore doubling majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Dramatic Arts. From Fisherville, VA, Henry loves road biking, puzzles, eating naan bread and playing piano. He loves THV because he loves making music while having fun and joking around. 



He has 61 decks of playing cards!

Katie fuller

Katie is from Charlotte, NC, and is a sophomore majoring in Communications with a minor in Dramatic Arts. She loves drinking Celsius at anytime of the day, annoying her friends by singing too loud, catching up on classic movies she’s never seen, and attempting to uncover the identity of Ramses. She loves absolutely everything about THV, and her favorite memory has been newb retreat.


FUN FACT: When she was a kid, she modeled for Ralph Lauren!


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JULES greenway





LAUREn dunham

Lauren is a first year double majoring in Business and Psychology from Charlotte, NC. Besides acapella, Lauren loves playing piano and guitar, musical theatre, watching Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds, mac n’ cheese, and reading. She loves the people in THV and making great music together! Her favorite memory is singing in the hot tub during newb retreat.

FUN FACT: She can't bend her left thumb.


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ALICE park

 Alice is a first-year who is currently a Pre-business major from Apex, NC. She loves singing, baking, and food- especially her moms yukgaejang (a korean dish). Alice is also very passionate about tiramisu, as well as doing puzzles. She loves THV because everyone is a family , and she loves doing "happies" every rehearsal because it makes her happy:)



She doesn't really like ranch.

cadeN leonard

Caden is from Lexington, NC and is a first-year with a major in Exercise and Sports Science. He enjoys music above all things but he is also really into sports. He loves watching basketball, especially when it’s Carolina basketball! One thing he enjoys almost as much as singing is going to get coffee (preferably Starbucks) and just sitting with his friends while they talk about god knows what. He loves how THV is fun! As simple as that is, he truly enjoys making music with amazing people who all love what they’re doing. He never thinks of THV as a chore because the people are so amazing. His favorite THV memory is newb retreat!

FUN FACT: His mom had him when she was 41 years old!


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