Meet Tar Heel Voices




    Nicholas, "Batman," just graduated with a degree in public policy and philosophy and a minor in philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) concentrating in global health/bioethics. He's incredibly passionate about government and politics and will debate anything. He's also a big songwriter, guacamole chef, and massive superhero nerd... which we guess you’d expect.

    "THV is my family. Through and through. I lived with four of them. My best friends are in this group. We join each other’s other clubs. We go out together, cook together, work out together, watch movies together, all of it. It’s a family that will be there for you throughout your entire college career, and even though the people in it will change, it’s always home. On top of all that, THV is damn good. These people are the most talented singers and musicians I’ve met. The group is competitive, passionate, driven, and excited. If you’re looking for a group that strives for musical excellence while being a family that looks out for you, THV is the group for you."



"I have the greatest Obama impression out of anybody you’ll meet. I know you wouldn’t expect that out of me but like it’s good. I can’t explain it. I’ll just show you when you get into the group."





    Lauren just graduated with a degree in business administration and minors in PPE and music. If you couldn't tell from that lengthy intro line, she has a lot of different interests. She likes reading philosophy and studying business operations but she also loves napping, cooking in a crockpot, and updating her Google Calendar.

    She loves Tar Heel Voices because we're an extremely collaborative group and we all work together! While we have a few designated leaders in the group, every member gets a chance to lead in some sort of capacity, whether it be as formal as serving on a committee, or as informal as proposing a new song for the group.

    If you have any questions about THV or would like some tips preparing for your audition, please feel free to reach out!



"I'm a big a cappella nerd, and have been doing a cappella for 7 years now. My high school group, WA Cappella, even advanced to ICHSA Finals one year in New York City."  





Marichi gupta 

    Marichi has one more semester and is studying math, computer science, and music. He started singing as a choir boy (a soprano!) and has loved ensemble singing ever since. He joined THV in Fall 2019 as a tenor. Outside of THV, Marichi is involved with the UNC Honor System, Computer Science for Social Good, and conducts research with the math department. Although he grew up in Chapel Hill, Marichi currently lives in Boston. You can find him either in Sitterson, at Open Eye Cafe in Carrboro, or in a practice room in Hill Hall!



Marichi conveniently took Spring 2020 off to intern with a research lab at Harvard Medical School (which was honestly great timing know). We're so proud of him!


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Maria Cade 

    Maria Cade hails from New Castle, PA (near Pittsburgh). She studied media and journalism with the hopes of one day anchoring a morning news show or hosting her own TV talk show. She also minored in music (vocal performance) and history. Maria loves THV because it's made up of some of the most talented people she knows AND her best friends. She notes the music made by THV and the preparations for the ICCA competition as some of the highlights of her time at UNC. In addition to singing with THV, Maria was also the executive director of production for UNC's premier musical theatre company, UNC Pauper Players.



Maria helped choreograph our award-winning 2020 ICCA set and turned ALL of THV into "dancers first."



Thien pham

    Thien majored in mathematics and statistics and is our (self-proclaimed) "random international friend from Vietnam." He saw THV as a perfect medium for him to establish his musicality, make good friends, and "escape [his] boring life routine."



Thien jokes that he's a "veteran auditionee" since he didn't get in his first time auditioning, but he says, "THV was definitely worth it, so be brave and come to auditions!"

current members


Brooke spach - PRESIDENT

    Brooke is a rising senior majoring in media and journalism with a minor in linguistics. Her goal is to work as a copy editor for a magazine like The New Yorker or Harper's Magazine. She loves to cook, she loves to party, and she loves to sing! 

    "When I auditioned for THV, I was looking for an outlet to continue making music in college. THV is a super talented group of people, and we make beautiful music together. But most importantly, I had no idea when I joined this group that I would be making 17 new best friends -- and I'm not just saying that! Being in THV has been the most meaningful part of my college experience, and I can't wait to spend my last year with this group."



"My grandma went skydiving with me on my 18th birthday!"


Lizzy Campbell - co-music director

    Lizzy is a rising senior, an alto, and a registered vegetarian. She can typically be found writing a film-not-movie or cracking jokes that only she thinks are funny. She spends far too much time on social media and hates to admit that she actually kinda likes TikTok, and secretly really wants to go viral. Lizzy says that joining THV was the best decision she made in college; she is so thankful for all the love and support she receives from the group. 

    "We aren't lying when we say we're a family! I've never cried in front of a group of people more, and I cry at commercials. But I've never felt judged for who I am, who I love, or the fact that I'm vegetarian (which usually annoys a whole lotta people). I didn't get in my first semester but was encouraged by a member of the group to audition again, and when I got in it felt like I'd always been a part of the family! THV has been the most important part of my life these past three years, and I am so overjoyed to share that love with each and every new member that will join!"



Lizzy is super obsessed with enneagram numbers (she's a 2 FYI) and will probably type anyone within seconds of meeting them.


RamunE Marcinkeviciute

    Ramunė is a rising junior studying economics with a minor in music. She has a deep, deep passion for JAZZ! She loves Jazz so much this is not even a joke. She's also an international student all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania! Sometimes she brings Lithuanian chocolate and candy to rehearsal :).

    She loves THV because we're a group of people who make her smile, and trust us - you don't want to miss her beautiful smile. 



Moony can make some insane trumpet noises. You can hear her trumpeting away in our 2020 ICCA set! 


Ian young

    Ian is a rising senior studying political science and public policy. He's passionate about things like milk and airplanes ... like really passionate. However, he is also passionate about things like politics, basketball, and learning to cook. Ian loves THV because it's a musical outlet for him to dance and express himself. Ian is so excited to perform at ICCAs again!



Ian is one of the best dancers in the group and is. always. jamming. on stage. You definitely do not want to miss the fun energy he brings to performances!


Riley inman

     Riley is a rising senior studying computer science. She is interested in all things nerdy (Linux, virtual reality, comics, etc.), music (of course!), and spending time with friends and family. She is one of the sweetest and kindest members of the group and is known to pop in and bring people food and coffee when they're busy working! She is also a fantastic altoWe love Riley's joy and big heart and know that you will too!



"I'm double-jointed!" Wow!

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Andrew henriques - HISTORIAN

    Andrew is a rising senior majoring in public policy with a minor in PPE. He's one of our tenors and a huge goofball and jokester. He serves as Historian for the group, so he keeps track of all the funny quotes members say and reads them aloud at the end of the semester. He has loved his time in THV and looks forward to meeting everyone auditioning this fall. 



Andrew is the first gentleman of THV and a finance intern with Jeff Jackson for his U.S. Senate campaign!


arjun guidroz  

    Arjun is a rising senior, majoring in classics and minoring in PPE. He loves rock climbing, reading books of all kinds, and the dining halls. We can only imagine how much he has been missing Lenoir's food during this very challenging year.

    "I love THV because it's a genuinely supportive and caring group, and the beautiful music always makes me smile."



Arjun loves fruit and ate a kiwi backstage right before our quarterfinal performance AND our semifinal performance of ICCAs (like truly moments before we walked on stage he was just eating a kiwi, skin and all!) Maybe it was good luck!




    Alex is a rising junior and a sports administration major, alongside a music minor. He is a big Tampa boy, but a true Tar Heel born and bred. He's also one of our amazing Bass Boys.

    "I love THV because I do what I love with the people I love and as a result, I’m the happiest I can be."



Alex has perfect pitch and acts as our pitch pipe all year. You can hear him humming our starting pitch at the top of our ICCA set!



    Sarah is a rising junior double majoring in political science and Spanish with a minor in environmental justice. She loves THV because the group pushes her musically, and it has introduced her to some of her best friends (well, now family) at Carolina! She has been doing a cappella since high school and is no stranger to the competition world. She won us best choreography last year, alongside Nicholas, for her work on "Lights Up" in our ICCA set.



She LIVES for ICCAs and often calls it her favorite holiday.




    Earl is a rising sophomore and is majoring in psychology on the pre-med track. His favorite THV memory is our trip to Carolina Beach since we all got to spend time with each other in person after a long year of virtual a cappella. Earl is super excited to become a better musician and working hard to build our sound next year!



He taught himself how to play piano just from his knowledge of the clarinet!


julia dow- publicity chair

    Julia is a rising sophomore and is currently majoring in media and journalism but... is probably going to change that real soon. Her favorite THV memory was our beach week trip because she got to grow closer to so many members. Julia is so, so excited to work hard next year and make new friends!



Julia won the intramural singles pickleball tournament last semester!

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 11.28.05 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 11.32.37 PM.png


katie stevens

    Katie is a rising sophomore considering studying environmental science, theatre, and music. Her favorite THV memory was when some of our members drove down to see her in Charlotte! She is so excited to be a part of THV next year and have a group of friends to sing with and rely on.



Katie has been off the grid on a backpacking trip in Croatia all summer!



    Dalia is a rising sophomore and is majoring in psychology and music. Her favorite THV memory is getting YoPo after rehearsal because it made last semester feel a little closer to normal :) She is super excited for in-person performances next year and to start learning new music again.



She's currently learning ASL and Italian!





EMMA KATHERINE BOWERS- treasurer, co-assistant music director

    Emma-Katherine, also known as EKB, is a rising sophomore studying public policy. Her favorite THV memory is bonding with all the newbs when she first joined. She also loved the virtual version of pickup night when she got to eat Waffle House. She is super excited to get back to work next semester and focus on our sound!



EKB is a Morehead-Cain scholar!



    Malika is a rising sophomore and biochemistry major! Her favorite THV memory is when people would start singing randomly during rehearsal breaks :) She is so excited to sing and perform in person next year and make a lot of friends!



She likes to pick random words from a thesaurus and write songs!

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