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Audition advice from members

"Be confident. Feel the pressure but also not too much. Just show THV what you got, even if to you it doesn’t seem like much, because it might be more than you think."

"I would definitely suggest picking a pop song for your solo. We like musical theater and classical music too, but we mostly sing pop, so it will help us to hear your voice in the context of the group if you pick a pop song (:"

"Breathe! Everyone in THV wants you to succeed. Come into your audition with your material prepared and show us your gift. We can’t wait to meet you!"

"My main tip is to know that everyone in the group is incredibly supportive. I was super nervous coming into the group and worrying that I'd be judged or treated harshly, but the atmosphere during auditions is super relaxed and kind. If you go into auditions treating it more like a fun thing and not something to stress about, you'll do great!"

"Just be unapologetically yourself! People that are true to themselves tend to do well and feel comfortable throughout the audition! Many, if not most, of us messed up our auditions and a bunch of us didn’t even get in the first time! Just come in, have a good time, and everything will work out. Just being confident and comfortable in whatever you bring to the table goes a LONG way."

"Be yourself! And don’t be nervous! We are cheering for you and want you to do well. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have."

"Reach out to the members if you need advice for song selections. Most importantly, a single audition won't define you, so don't let the result shut you down from what you want to pursue."

"There’s no specific path to getting in. Be truthful to yourself. Expect nothing, and you will gain everything. By auditioning you have nothing to lose. Auditions are for everybody and successful auditions are not contingent on getting in or even getting a callback. Audition for yourself, just to see if you can. Whether your get in or not, THV will protect your human dignity."

"Take it seriously! Give yourself time to find an audition song that shows off your voice and that you have fun singing. Take advantage of members listening to you before the actual audition!"

"Use the resources THV provides! If you have any questions or want help definitely ask! Good luck!"

"Focus on singing something you enjoy, because that is a big part of what we care about - enjoying the process and performance!"

"As one of the many members who didn't get in their first time auditioning, I think it's important to note that no audition will be perfect. It's okay to take a breath, to be nervous, to ask to start over. We're nervous too! We're anxious to meet you and hear you! None of us want you to mess up! We are your biggest cheerleaders from the moment you step in the room. 

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