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Fall 2020 Virtual Auditions

    This year, UNC A Cappella will be holding virtual auditions. This is new for all of us, but we are so excited to get to hear y'all. We value every single individual who auditions for us and want to make this as fun of an experience as we can while staying safe!

Here's the virtual portal where you can submit your audition video/form:

What you need to know:

  • On July 25th a Virtual Portal will open for all of UNC A Cappella!

  • You will submit one audition video for all the groups and can sing some optional scales to show off your vocal range! (More information regarding scales will be released soon, so keep checking back).

  • There will be one google form to fill out where you will answer some questions and indicate which groups you would like to audition for.

  • The portal will close on August 14th!

  • You will receive your first round of callback emails on August 16th.

  • There will be three rounds of in-person callbacks and the process will look different for each a cappella group. THV will be holding our callbacks outside at Forest Theatre - weather permitting.

What you should prepare:

  • Your Audition Song! We recommend singing a verse and chorus of a song that shows off your voice. We encourage you to choose something that you enjoy singing rather than something you think we want to hear. We recommend straying away from classical or musical theatre music since that isn't what our group usually sings. 

  • Optional scales! Scales are just used to warm up your voice and show off your range. We hope you'll choose to do them so we can get an accurate idea of what vocal part best fits your voice. (As mentioned above, we don't know exactly what the instructions for scales will be yet, but we will keep you updated.)